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software Development

Enhance helps an US based large FMCG company course and certification localized for India.
Dream, Dare, Do" - Our Directors on the Cover Page of Dataquest Feb Edition, Interviewed on their journey in Life
Enhance translated an English elearning module for a large FMCG company to 9 Indian languages i.e. Hindi, Tamil, Malayalam, Oriya, Punjabi, Telegu, Kannada, Bengali and Marathi.
Enhance develops a customizable readymade elearning module titled "Enhance your English".
Enhance developed a Learning & Development (L&D) Portal for a Leading Financial Services Group

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Human Resource (HR)

Software Solutions

Our commitment as a total elearning solution company is demonstrated by the dazzling display of HR software we have developed for our customers. We keep abreast with the latest software learning technology to produce state-of-the-art eLearning software which is tailored to suit our customer’s very specific needs.

We specialize in automating the learning operations of the organization to reduce costing and enhance the learner management system. We are one of the leading learning management system (LMS) providers in India with features like full customization, secure, fast, robust, responsive, Scorm complaint etc.


Human resource software elearning solutions

has not only helped to track the operations of the organizations but also keep a watch on their training needs. Our HR software solutions also specializes in recreating or restructuring the old software or content of the organization with latest recommendations so that the financial investment made by the organizations in the first place do not become futile.

Have a look at some of the eLearning software which we have developed for our customers. You can also view demos of the software by clicking on the demo link.

IAFPC – A placement portal

Portal for Indian Air Force to provide corporate placements to retiring Officers
The application automates the job performed by IAF’s Placement Cell
Employees and Employers are screened and match-making managed by the Placement Cell
Authenticity of the employee and credibility of the employer are managed in the workflow
Portal offers access to a large basket of Banking and Finance e-learning courses
Tips on Resume Writing and Handling Interviews are also available
  Click here to view the demo

Unilink – A one point dashboard for multiple HR applications

An online application for Information and Performance Support for Sales teams of a large FMCG
It collates data from 3-4 other system within the organization
Has it’s own data captures and together offers it as a single-window information space for the Sales teams and Sales HR users
Handles data, like, HRIS, Performance Appraisal & Development Action Plan, Sales Performance, Training, etc.
Many facets, One solution
  Click here to view the demo

Employee End to End Life Cycle Management Tool

Allows management between the HR agency and the organization
Complete cycle from recruitment to resignation maintained by the application
On line Learning Management System (LMS) part of the application
Some of the functions supported are:
arrow Recruitment
arrow Resignation
arrow Enrollment
arrow Leave
arrow Bulk emails
arrow Reports on the above
  Click here to view the demos
  HR Consultant/HR Department | User | Admins

RNET – Needs analysis software

Training needs assessment system
Modeled around extensive, domain knowledge-based, pre-quizzes
Output in the form of recommended learning paths
LAdmin back-end for mapping learning needs across users, with filters like, function, location, designation, etc.
  Click here to view the demo

Knowledge Management System

Multiple knowledge areas, with sublevels can be defined
Knowledge can be captured at any level of the knowledge tree
New knowledge can be added by any user in the system, as an author for that knowledge
Anyone using/referring to a knowledge block can create an addendum, that can become published part of the knowledge after authors approval
Inbuilt chat allows saving the exchange as knowledge block option
Search, customize, Favorites, etc are some other features
  Click here to view the demo

Project Management Systems

Tool for managing ongoing projects
Multiple projects, multiple role definitions
Date wise tracking of activities across projects
Effort versus budget tracking
Project plan shifts, delays with reasons
Graphical reports on time spends - project wise, resource wise
Output in XLS, RTF, DOC formats for convenient reuse & maintenance
Click here to view the demo

Time Management System

Personal time planner
Allows definition of mid term and short term goals
Allows creation of task towards goals' achievement
Review and handling of task
Personalization allowed of planning/review date and time
Captures learning-for-the-day
  Click here to view the demo

Skill and competency mapping and inventory

System works on a skill map for various functions in the organization
Skills inventory is also maintained for each member
Skill gaps are presented to the users
System proposes various training programs to cover the skills gaps and allows online nomination requests
Users attendance & performance in training programs updates his skills inventory
  Click here to view the demo

Succession Planning System

Maps competencies for various organizational functions and designations
Competency matrix of all individuals is maintained
Competencies of any individual can be updated any time
Output on succession plan is generated in the form of sorted list of eligible individuals
Gaps, if any, are highlighted for a succession decision to be taken
  Click here to view the demo

RLE Nomination and Feedback System - Leadership training nomination and 360° feedback

Intranet based Leadership program nomination system
Designed for top managers who will come as a team for program nomination
System allows the participants to invite 360o Feedback from their colleagues
Auto-mailers on nomination status, feedback requests, etc.
Admin backend for maintenance of programs, participants, feedback questionnaire, etc.
MIS on program participation, participant 360 o feedback, etc.
  Click here to view the demo

Drive Learning.com - A salesman coaching monitoring and improvement tool

Internet based Performance Measurement system to effectiveness of training being provided to Distributors' Sales teams
Physical training delivery being carried out by an independent agency, with a over 4500 trainees and about 300 trainers
System allows multiple levels of access for Hindustan Lever managers & Training agency users
MIS for different managers within both the set of application users
Over 50+ reports on various business parameters
Auto-mail facility for key business reports to various Business and Profit Center heads
System in use for over one and a half year
Has received very high acceptability and success across all levels of users and management
  Click here to view the demo

NASA 707.com – A manager coaching monitoring and improvement tool

Online Performance Measurement system on the effectiveness of field & classroom training to company's sales teams
Multiple category of users, variable access based on rights and privileges - Business Managers, Administrators, Trainers, Sales Officers, Data-entry staff
Flexible and exhaustive range of MIS reports to bring out various measurable parameters (Macro to micro drill-down)
Built-in scheduling system (built around a set of business rules) for defining monthly field and classroom contact plans for the trainers and Sales Officers

Course viewer – A search engine on LMS

Search enabled access to range of courses for Just-in-time learning
Course launch engine offers the searched page in the course interface with course navigation enabled
Searched text highlighting
Backend to publish / un-publish courses offered through Course Viewer

LMS CD Version

CD based multi-course delivery platform to cover the user population that is not on the Intranet
Open-ended backend that allows courses to be viewed the same way as are available over the Intranet
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