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Learning Management Systems (LMS)

Enhance helps an US based large FMCG company course and certification localized for India.
Dream, Dare, Do" - Our Directors on the Cover Page of Dataquest Feb Edition, Interviewed on their journey in Life
Enhance translated an English elearning module for a large FMCG company to 9 Indian languages i.e. Hindi, Tamil, Malayalam, Oriya, Punjabi, Telegu, Kannada, Bengali and Marathi.
Enhance develops a customizable readymade elearning module titled "Enhance your English".
Enhance developed a Learning & Development (L&D) Portal for a Leading Financial Services Group

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Learning Management Systems

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Low-Cost Learning Management System (LMS)

We are one of the leading learning management system (LMS) providers in India with service experience of over 16 years. Our fully customizable, secure, fast and robust eLearning management system (LMS) has been installed in more than 14 onsite locations and numerous on Hosted Servers. These are Airtel, Avaya Global Connect, Xerox, IIT Delhi, ICI, Reliance Life Insurance, Reliance General Insurance, ICICI Bank, Bharti Infratel, Hindustan unilever etc. Also, there are modules on simulation working at ICICI Bank which is a LMS by itself.

Our extensive experience as an LMS providers acts as a solid base for providing software learning solutions to train people and leave a long-lasting effects of learning for small, medium, large organization or a training company.

Our elearning management systems (LMS) is also integrated with a strong certification or assessment engine to access the learning gaps of the learners with pre-setted guidelines. These test helps reinforcing the new information learnt and records the learner’s progress. Our secure elearning management system easily handles data exchange of over lakhs of learner with 99.5% of Uptime.

Some of the core features of our elearning management system (LMS) are:

  • Customizable (Fully customizable as per the need of the client with branding and design guidelines)
  • Robust Reporting (Very easy interface and robust reporting)
  • Responsive Design (Designed to run on any device (Desktop, Tablet or Mobile) with minimum re-sizing, panning, and scrolling.)
  • Secure Platform (Already handling huge data exchange with high number of learners)
  • Scorm Complaint (Complaint to run all the modern era courses effortlessly)
  • Payment Gateway (Payment gateway features can be integrated easily on the requirement of the client)

Our LMS is a perfect blend of old style secure learning software with new style responsive design and has helped clients win many accolades and awards.
List of Clients
1. Avaya Global Connect
2. Reliance General Insurance Company Ltd.
3. ICICI Bank
4. Reliance Life
5. Wealth Advisors
6. Videocon
7. ICI Paints
8. Hindustan Unilever Ltd.
9. Xerox
10. IIT Delhi
11. Bharti Airtel
12. Saint Gobain (Certification Engine)

Learning Management

Module has modules on:
Educational Institutes

E learning

Delivery of e learning view | download
Reports view | download
1. E learning view | download

ILT / classroom management

Screens view | download
Reports view | download

Needs analysis

view | download

Skill competency management

view | download

360 degree feedback

view | download

Coaching monitoring

view | download
7. Simulations ( Level: Expert; Person: Rupam) view | download

Succession planning

view | download

Content management

view | download

LMS CD / DVD version

11. LMS transition services from one LMS to another

Certification Engine (Stand Alone) –

Saint Gobain
Learner view | download
Admin view | download

Talent Management System

view | download
E Learning – Content Development, Deployment & Management System
arrow Sitemap - Learner Version
arrow Sitemap - Admin Version

  Browser compatibility  
Google Chrome
Internet Explorer 9 and above
Mozilla Firefox
  Mobile Version  
Android Version 4 and above
Windows 7.8 and above
  Content Management  
SCORM 1.2 Compliant
Content Structuring
Topic/Page Navigation
Roadmap Creator
Question Builder
Certification Builder
Mobile Technology
  Deployment System  
Multi Course / Multi User / Multi Tier platform
Message Board
Discussion Forum
Catalog With Status, About, Length, rating etc
My courses with status, launch, reference and progress
Search Engine
Peer-to-peer Chat
Navigation tools
Linking to 3rd party developed content
Certification System
Tools like calculator, downloads, annotation, library and guided tour
Simulation Engine as add-on
  Management Systems  
Generic MIS/Reports
arrow Format wise
arrow Region wise
arrow Country wise
arrow Department wise
arrow Company wise
arrow Location wise
arrow Domain wise
arrow Department wise
arrow Designation wise
arrow Course wise
arrow Certification wise
arrow Start and End Date wise
arrow Learner wise
A) Format wise
  (a) Courses enrolled
  (b) Students enrolled
  (c) Students not enrolled
B) Learner Enrollment and Progress
  (a) Learner wise course progress
(b) Course wise learner progress
C) Certification
(a) Monthly update report
(b) Quarterly update report
(c) Yearly summary
(d) YTD summary
  (e) Certification details
  (f) Number of users with percentage between a userdefined range
  (g) Course wise ranking report
  (h) Course wise feedback report
  (i) User wise course feedback report

Classroom (Instructor led learning) Management

Calendar appears for individual and company
Individual / Manager nominates for training
Manager / HR approves the nomination
Email goes to individual, training department and manager approving the training
Types of learning
arrow Instructor led training
arrow e learning
arrow Coaching
arrow Focused group
arrow Work book
arrow Out bound training
Checks if it is blended learning and inputs types of learning
Inputs origin of learning
Skill competency mapping
arrow Skills required for function and role
arrow Training enrolled in
arrow Training already completed
Inputs program details
arrow Program Business
arrow Trainer Details
arrow Trainee Details
arrow Material Details
arrow Session Details
arrow Pass Logic
Feedback form inputs
Schedule details
arrow List of schedule
arrow Schedule details
arrow Trainee details
arrow Session details
arrow Session trainer
arrow Session material
Post classroom details
arrow Attendance
arrow Percentage
arrow Feedback form
Coaching details
arrow Employee employer details
arrow Coaching report
arrow Team leader
arrow Team members
arrow Scheduling
Skills master
Sub skills
Skill mapping master
Sub competency
Competency mapping
Training Venue
Training Manager
Training Material
Vendor Invoice
Relationship with company
Dealer master
Sub Dealer
Company wise
Course wise
Employee wise
Region wise
Department wise
Designation wise
Role wise
Store and Process wise (Spencer)
arrow Attendance
arrow Training Needs vs Programs
arrow Faculty vs feedback
arrow Training calendar
arrow Training feedback
arrow Month end report on feedback, score and needs
arrow Year end report on feedback, score and needs
arrow Training needs vs coverage
arrow Material required
arrow Nominated vs attendance
arrow Training cost above a certain figure
Addons to LMS
  Needs Analysis  
Training Needs assessment system
Modeled around extensive, domain knowledge-based, pre-quizzes
Output in the form of recommended learning paths
Admin back-end for mapping learning needs across users, with filters like, function, location, designation, etc.
  Skill Competency Mapping  
System works on a skill map for various functions in the organization
Skills inventory is also maintained for each member
Skill gaps are presented to the users
System proposes various training programs to cover the skills gaps and allows online nomination requests
Users attendance & performance in training programs updates his skills inventory
  Classroom Nomination and Feedback System for Hindustan Lever  
Intranet based Leadership program nomination system
Designed for top managers who will come as a team for program nomination
System allows the participants to invite 360o Feedback from their colleagues
Auto-mailers on nomination status, feedback requests, etc.
Admin backend for maintenance of programs, participants, feedback questionnaire, etc.
MIS on program participation, participant 360 o feedback, etc.
  Coaching Tracking and Monitoring  
Internet based Performance Measurement system to effectiveness of training being provided to Distributors’ Sales teams
Physical training delivery being carried out by an independent agency, with a over 4500 trainees and about 300 trainers
System allows multiple levels of access for Hindustan Lever managers & Training agency users
MIS for different managers within both the set of application users
Over 50+ reports on various business parameters
Auto-mail facility for key business reports to various Business and Profit Center heads
System in use for over one and a half year
Has received very high acceptability and success across all levels of users and management
  Succession Planning System  
Maps competencies for various organizational functions and designations
Competency matrix of all individuals is maintained
Competencies of any individual can be updated any time
Output on succession plan is generated in the form of sorted list of eligible individuals
Gaps, if any, are highlighted for a succession decision to be taken
  Content Management Systems  
Tool for managing ongoing projects
Multiple projects, multiple role definitions
Date wise tracking of activities across projects
Effort versus budget tracking
Project plan shifts, delays with reasons
Graphical reports on time spends – project wise, resource wise
Output in XLS, RTF, DOC formats for convenient reuse & maintenance
  Course Viewer for ICICI Bank  
Search enabled access to range of courses for Just-in-time learning
Course launch engine offers the searched page in the course interface with course navigation enabled
Searched text highlighting
Backend to publish / un-publish courses offered through Course Viewer
  LMS CD Version  
CD based multi-course delivery platform to cover the user population that is not on the Intranet
Open-ended backend that allows courses to be viewed the same way as are available over the Intranet
  Enhance Certification Platform  
 Some key features of the platform are listed below:
Software Environment - Backend
arrow Microsoft .NET
arrow MS SQL Server
Software Environment - Backend
arrow Adobe Flash
arrow MS Internet Explorer 6.0 or above
Hosted Service
arrow Internet based – working of a dedicated or shared server (based on the users and usage volume)
arrow Includes support options (choose the ones that would be required)
  Users Management – upload, debar, certifications’ assignment, etc.
  Content Management – upload of Question Banks, Release or un-publishing certifications, modifications/ additions to existing certifications’ Question Bank, etc.
Certification Features
  Open ended design – each certificate offering can be configured for:
arrow Single or Multiple Attempts
arrow Single or Multiple Sections
arrow Certification time – count down display on the screen
arrow Section wise, number of question to display, per question scoring
arrow Multiple Choice Q/A types – single or multiple correct option
arrow Question Bank can have any number of questions per section
arrow Random Question generation at run time for each user attempt
arrow Jumbling of options within a question possible
arrow Negative scoring possible
arrow Pass percentage at certificate level
arrow Certification attempt stops once ‘pass’
arrow Certification summary page provides section wise scores along with the final % and result
arrow Option to display the wrong/un-answered questions/options on the summary screen
arrow In case of a pass result, option to view/save/print instant certificate available
User Features
arrow User id and Password based access
arrow Certification assignment based on users’ business/role at group level
arrow Individual users can be assigned certifications on case-to-case basis
arrow Users can view all the certifications assigned to them
arrow Certifications may be assigned independently or may follow pre-requisite based hierarchy
arrow User has 2 reports on the home page, namely My Scoreboard and My Certificates
  My Scoreboard gives a history of all certifications attempted and scores achieved, along with the date and time of attempt
  My Certificates provides a list of the certificates achieved till date, along with the score, date and time. There is also a certificate view/print option
  Talent Management System  
Various Users have different rights
Update of all talent management data
Search on various fields possible
Spread and distribution of talent through various reports
  Virtual Classroom  
Simultaneous Classes
arrow Multiple rooms for concurrent classes are available to organizations. We offer Up to 500 Participants in each room. This proposal is for one room with 5 Recordings per room, per month


These rooms and number of participants can be changed depending on your needs. However there would be a financial implication.
Class Management
arrow For each class you schedule for your teachers and students, we provide you separate class links for them. Send them their respective links and they are all set to go for their classes.
No sign-up to give or attend a class
arrow Yes, no registration is required on WiZiQ for both teachers and students to log into an online class so teachers and students can join a class simply by clicking on the class link. Teachers can enter the class before its scheduled time to set up the class and get it ready.
Web Service API
arrow Your teachers and students don’t need to leave your website to give or attend their classes. Simply integrate WiZiQ's Virtual Classroom for organizations into your website and manage your classes from there. You can customize the virtual classroom for different features as per your needs.Check our Web Service API documentation
Web conferencing specially designed for education
arrow Needless to say, online platforms have made learning more interesting than ever before. You are good to go for an online class at a moment’s notice with just a single click, no downloads, no additional installations or plug-ins. Online classes go much easier with WiZiQ.
Set your Virtual Classroom before time
arrow Teacher can get into the class before its time, check audio video devices, and set the class ready and content in place. As the time arrives, the class is good to start.
Inside the Classroom
arrow The collaborative web conferencing environment enables you to communicate synchronously using audio, video or text chat, interactive whiteboard and content sharing.
arrow Everything you need to write in the class is at your fingertips- Pen, Free hand, Text, geometrical shapes, symbols, graph, or images. Unlimited whiteboard tabs with rich features like copy, paste, undo, redo, drag and resize. Use digital pen or mouse pen whichever you feel comfortable writing with.
Content Sharing
arrow Pre-built content can be uploaded in formats like Word, PDF, PowerPoint, Video, Audio, Flash, and Excel. Upload them in the class or use Content feature in your account to upload beforehand.
Live Chat
arrow All options in chat- private or public and enable or disable chat for all. Use them as you want.
Multi-way audio
arrow Hand over the microphone to one or more attendees. You may control microphone individually for all the attendees.
2-way video
arrow The presenter can see his live video and video of one more attendee. All attendees can see the presenter and the attendee allowed to use webcam.
YouTube videos
arrow Thousands of videos on YouTube are at your fingertips. Enter a link and immediately play a video and share it synchronously in the classroom.
Web Sharing
arrow Google, Wikipedia or any information already on web now works for you. Browse and tour web-links you want to share with your attendees in the Virtual Classroom.
arrow All the way important! Have your name and logo in the Virtual Classroom for that extra edge.
Attendee Management
arrow Separate toggle access to audio, video and writing features helps you manage the attendees. Writing allows attendee to write and upload, audio gives access to use microphone only, and video passes on right to use microphone and webcam both.
Desktop/Screen sharing
arrow For those who need to demonstrate some software or file opened up on their screens, they may use screen sharing. Install a screen capturing plug-in and then they can share their screen with the attendees.
arrow For those who need to demonstrate some software or file opened up on their screens, they may use screen sharing. Install a screen capturing plug-in and then they can share their screen with the attendees.
Recording Download
arrow For offline views or distribution of your recordings as CD/DVDs or to save your recordings forever, we have an option for you to download and make your recordings perpetual. Nevertheless, we keep them hosted with us for 12 months
  Course Authoring  
Content Management System
CourseLab brings to you power of creating web based training, software application simulations, computer based training, and interactive e-learning content. Some of the CourseLab features are listed below.
Layout and usability
arrow Familiar PowerPoint-like authoring environment
arrow Course Structure Pane displays tree-like course structure
arrow Module Structure Pane contains thumbnails of all slides in the module and slides hierarchy
arrow Frame Strip contains thumbnails of all frames of current slide
arrow Visual Frame Timeline
arrow Multipurpose Object Pane
arrow Frequently used options are accessible via toolbar buttons
arrow WYSIWYG environment - no HTML or other programming skills required
arrow Embedded Rich Text editor enables formatting text to a specific font, color, font size, including hyperlinks,tables, lists and pictures
arrow Drag-and-drop objects placing
arrow Simple frame-based animation
arrow Action-based object's animation
arrow Rich-media support
arrow Pictures in various formats
arrow Simple inserting and synchronization of audio files in various formats
arrow Adobe® Flash® movies
arrow Adobe® Shockwave® applications
arrow Java® applets
arrow Video clips in various formats
Rapid Development
arrow Large (and user-expandable) set of ready-to-use module templates
arrow Inheritance - capability to re-use once inserted objects in entire module
arrow Global default font settings applicable to all text-containing objects
arrow Scenario feature enables building complex multi-object interactions with one mouse click
arrow Import PowerPoint® presentations into the learning material **.
Testing and Assessment
arrow Built-in test creation capability
arrow Supported types of questions: single choice, multiple select, ordered items, numerical fill-in-blank, text fill-in-blank and matching pairs
arrow Tools for creating custom questions and interactive exercises of virtually any type
arrow Objective-based scoring allows creating scaled tests.
arrow Any object can be active click (or mouseOver/mouseOut) area
arrow Any part of text can be active click (or mouseOver/mouseOut) area
arrow Hotspot areas can be defined on pictures
arrow Current values of form elements (such as Text Input Fields, CheckBoxes, Radiobuttons etc.) can be used in actions
arrow Simple intuitive action description language
arrow Event-Action mechanism enables utilizing virtually all functionality of CourseLab depending on user action
arrow Launching applications and documents in new window (Power Point®, Excel®, Word® & PDFs)
arrow Special effects in playing mode
arrow Programmable object's appearance and disappearance
arrow Configurable transition effects applicable to any object
arrow Rotation of objects
arrow Capabilty to drag the objects by mouse
arrow Programmable moving of objects
Scoring and evaluation
arrow Objective-based scoring mechanism
arrow Various conditions can be used to create Success and Completion statuses defining Rules for objective
arrow Cascading Rules - objective's statuses can also be used in conditions
arrow Publication options and eLearning standards
arrow Publish to HTML package
arrow Publish to CD-ROM
arrow Publish to AICC package for import to any LMS supporting this standard
arrow Publish to SCORM 1.2 package for import to any LMS supporting this standard
arrow Publish to SCORM 1.2 package for import to any LMS supporting this standard

* Requires optional Screen Capture Pack
** Requires optional PowerPoint® Import Pack

  Social Networking  
arrow Sign up:
arrow New user sign up:
arrow View messages with attachments
arrow View messages of groups and friends
arrow View updates of friends
arrow Match groups and details like email, company name etc
New user sign up details
arrow First name
arrow Middle name
arrow Last name
arrow Date of birth
arrow School
arrow College
arrow Work experience
arrow Topics of interest
arrow Groups of interest
arrow Type of relationship
arrow Other fields
Upload messages
arrow Group
arrow Topic
arrow Subtopic
arrow Search words
arrow Meta Data
arrow Edited version Y / N
arrow Attachment
  • Image
  • Video
  • Audio
  • Message
  • File
- Html
- PDF etc
arrow Words
arrow Topics
arrow Groups
arrow File format
arrow Date
arrow Size
arrow Boolean
arrow Other fields
Other features
arrow RSS
arrow Edited version
arrow News item
arrow SMS alerts
arrow Email alerts
arrow Audit trail
  • When created
  • When edited
  • When accessed
arrow Number of hits
arrow Date wise period reports
  • Region wise
  • Group wise
  • School
  • College
  • Work experience
  • Topics of interest
arrow Others as needed
arrow Choose what data you want to show in your program
  • Group
  • Topic
  • Subtopic
  • Search words
  • Meta Data
  • Edited version Y / N
  • Attachment
  • Image
  • Video
  • Audio
  • Message
  • File
arrow Html
arrow PDF etc
  Unilink – A one point dashboard for multiple HR applications  
An online application for Information and Performance Support for Sales teams of a large FMCG
It collates data from 3-4 other system within the organization
Has it’s own data captures and together offers it as a single-window information space for the Sales teams and Sales HR users
Handles data, like, HRIS, Performance Appraisal & Development Action Plan, Sales Performance, Training, etc.
Many facets, One solution
Click here to view the demo
RLE Nomination and Feedback System - Leadership training nomination and 360° feedback
Intranet based Leadership program nomination system
Designed for top managers who will come as a team for program nomination
System allows the participants to invite 360o Feedback from their colleagues
Auto-mailers on nomination status, feedback requests, etc.
Admin backend for maintenance of programs, participants, feedback questionnaire, etc.
MIS on program participation, participant 360 o feedback, etc.
  Click here to view the demo
  IAFPC – A placement portal  
Portal for Indian Air Force to provide corporate placements to retiring Officers
The application automates the job performed by IAF’s Placement Cell
Employees and Employers are screened and match-making managed by the Placement Cell
Authenticity of the employee and credibility of the employer are managed in the workflow
Portal offers access to a large basket of Banking and Finance e-learning courses
Tips on Resume Writing and Handling Interviews are also available
  Click here to view the demo
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