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About Us

Enhance helps an US based large FMCG company course and certification localized for India.
Dream, Dare, Do" - Our Directors on the Cover Page of Dataquest Feb Edition, Interviewed on their journey in Life
Enhance translated an English elearning module for a large FMCG company to 9 Indian languages i.e. Hindi, Tamil, Malayalam, Oriya, Punjabi, Telegu, Kannada, Bengali and Marathi.
Enhance develops a customizable readymade elearning module titled "Enhance your English".
Enhance developed a Learning & Development (L&D) Portal for a Leading Financial Services Group

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About Us
Founders and Management
Prashant Khanna
He is one of the founders of the company. He is an entrepreneur with a degree in engineering. He has over 20 years experience in Sales and Marketing. The last decade in Enhance has given him a chance to polish his instructional design, software engineering, management and strategy skills. He is an avid follower of spiritual literature and most of his learning has this as the guiding light. Other spiritual literature of various religions is also of immense interest to him. He is passionate about the merging of religion with modern day business practices.
Vineet Sabharwal
Vineet Sabharwal is a co-founder of Enhance Systems Private Limited, a company providing the entire spectrum of corporate learning needs. Vineet has over 15 years of experience in online learning industry including e-Learning content development, Learning Management Systems, web applications, project management and account management.

Vineet started his career at CMC Ltd., as a software engineer in 1987. After spending almost 5 years, in the retail banking applications development and implementation domains, he moved to Kale Consultants Pvt Ltd., another company specializing in retail banking solutions. In 1994, Vineet co-founded Empower Software, an off-shore development company producing cutting-edge multimedia applications involving graphic designers, programmers, instructional designers, and project managers. Empower Corporation, the US based parent company broke new ground in the areas of simulations, games, performance support, and story-based learning environments. Empower was awarded Company of the Year in the Innovation Category by NCEITA (North Carolina Electronics and Information Technology Association) in 1998.

Vineet is a Chemistry graduated from St. Stephens College & a Post-Graduate Diploma holder in Computer Applications offered by Board of Technical Education, Delhi
To grow to become a leading value based learning company
To develop a strong learning culture, which delights customers, partners and stakeholders
To be a value- based corporate citizen

To make innovative and challenging, intellectual implementations, a way of life

To energize the entrepreneurial spirit

To provide instructionally sound and cost -effective solutions
Enhance Systems, is in the business of customized learning. It has experience of over 10 years in instructional solutions. Enhance Systems is based in Delhi, India and is focused on design and development of state- of the- art Learning and Knowledge Management Applications. Enhance Customers include many Fortune 100 companies, besides reputed Indian Companies, like AT&T, PepsiCo, Coca-Cola, Nestle, Hewlett Packard, Xerox, Ranbaxy, Canon, ICI, Bharti, BILT, Tata Telecom, IIT, ICICI Bank, Hindustan Lever, Centurion Bank, IDBI Bank, Indiabulls etc.
We provide a vast range of services as listed below
Sales, HR, Banking, Supply Chain and Finance Content Sourcing
Instruction, Graphical user interface (GUI), and Database design
Learning Management Systems (LMS)
Software Applications for Training
Multimedia, Web and LAN based training, education & performance support
Graphics, Animation, Digital Audio/Video, CD-ROM production etc.
Information Delivery, using CD-ROMs, LANs, WANs, ITV, Wireless Networks
World Wide Web design and Publishing
Interactive Multimedia and Internet/Web training
Language Translation
Creating and delivering effective instructional interactive multimedia solutions, which require the concerted efforts of people, with a wide range of skills. At Enhance, projects are handled by a multi-disciplinary team including:
Instruction and Curriculum Designers
Computer Graphic Artists
Animation Experts
Computer Music and MIDI Composers
Digital Audio/Video Engineers
Language Translators
Content Experts & Technical Writers
Computer Programmers
Project and Quality Managers
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