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Case Studies

Enhance helps an US based large FMCG company course and certification localized for India.
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Enhance translated an English elearning module for a large FMCG company to 9 Indian languages i.e. Hindi, Tamil, Malayalam, Oriya, Punjabi, Telegu, Kannada, Bengali and Marathi.
Enhance develops a customizable readymade elearning module titled "Enhance your English".
Enhance developed a Learning & Development (L&D) Portal for a Leading Financial Services Group

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Elearning Case Studies: Challenges And Solutions
  Enhance makes an LMS on simulations for sales force on skills and competencies  

HUL (Hindustan Unilever Limited) is the largest FMCG (Fast Moving Consumer Group) company in India. It has a large portfolio of products and brands. These products were handled by an army of salesmen and managers. With every new product, brand and promotion was accompanied a need to map the skills and competencies of the sales force with experiential knowledge. Every new initiative needed fine-tuning of the relevant skills and competencies. The number of competencies and skills needed to train the sales force was large in number. Competitive forces needed the sales force to be well equipped for every new situation they may face in the field. If was getting difficult to get the sales team into classroom sessions for all the training programs. Besides the sales force were very experiential in nature and the utility of the classroom was questioned. HUL had an intranet based on the less popular Sun systems. If a technology solution had to be designed it had to be on this platform.

Enhance decided that simulations was the best way to train experiential sales people. Especially because situations close to the problems of adults seemed to work well to make them learn. Work began simultaneously on all the skills and competencies. HUL appointed a SME (Subject Matter Expert) on the project. The SME was to provide the experience of the field to Enhance. He was met and the project flow was decided on. It was decided that Enhance would do research on the various modules and give a structured document to the SME. The SME then verbally let the Enhance instructional designers know the situations and options available to make the simulations. Simulations on programs like Analytical Ability and Leadership were designed in the pilot taking role plays from the day to day problems faced by the sales force. IPR to use content for these simulations was got from publishers and subject matter experts. This IPR was to be acknowledged in the beginning of each module. Content from experts and trainers in the HUL system was tapped. The design was ratified by an SME in HUL at 3 levels using a well tested instructional process. In the first level he ratified the structure and in the next level he approved the storyboard drawn out by the instructional designers. Finally he ratified the prepared final product. Iterations were carried out at each stage to make sure relevance and learning was happening and not lost. Thus the modules were ready for roll out.

Enhance reprogrammed the existing Microsoft LMS into Sun OS compatible LMS keeping the investment in systems and software at the minimum level.

These simulations were scored like games. Each sales man got his score as well as the scores of the top performers. Competition was to be created all over the country. The results from all across the country were available to top management through an elaborate MIS over the intranet. The whole country could see how the learning was progressing across teams and departments.

Results: The pilot got excellent response from the sales force in the test market. They were delighted with this new mode of learning. The program is still to be rolled out across the country.
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