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Case Studies

Enhance helps an US based large FMCG company course and certification localized for India.
Dream, Dare, Do" - Our Directors on the Cover Page of Dataquest Feb Edition, Interviewed on their journey in Life
Enhance translated an English elearning module for a large FMCG company to 9 Indian languages i.e. Hindi, Tamil, Malayalam, Oriya, Punjabi, Telegu, Kannada, Bengali and Marathi.
Enhance develops a customizable readymade elearning module titled "Enhance your English".
Enhance developed a Learning & Development (L&D) Portal for a Leading Financial Services Group

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Elearning Case Studies: Challenges And Solutions
  Enhance does General Banking Operations module in semi simulation mode  

ICICI Bank has been growing very rapidly. There was a need to train a large number of non banking professionals on general banking operations. This module had to take the new learners through the module in a near to real life situation.

Enhance suggested a new way of handling the module. At this stage no simulations were prepared for ICICI bank. Enhance decided to take the path of semi simulations. ICICI Bank agreed to test this new way of training. Each learning objective was converted into a simulation. The learner would approach the computer in the form of an employee of the bank dealing with a customer. As the customer would go through the transaction the employee would answer his questions with interactions. In case the user would give the right answer he would be allowed to go ahead. In case the learner gave a wrong answer he would be guided towards the right answer. The branch manager as the mentor would come at various stages with new challenges and summaries. In this way a very conceptual subject like general banking operations was made into an experiential learning model. This was for a long time one of the most popular and liked module in ICICI Bank. A similar module was prepared for other banks.
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